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What kind of services does ShoreTech provide?

At ShoreTech we provide a wide range of services... Our general rule of thumb is if it is on a boat and carries power or data? We will work on it. Which means we can't possibly cover every job we've done, and will do in the future... But we can put together a list of some of the most common fixes/installs for a point of reference!! We also specialize in bottom mapping and the latest offering of navigational charting. In addition to marine electronics and navigation, we also offer security solutions!! Having been lucky enough to install camera systems on boats and in fish processing centers up and down the coastline, we realize your security is invaluable - and work hard to provide the best possible system for each individual situation. Below you will find a list of common services/installations. This is a small picture of what we do at ShoreTech so if you need work done, and somethings not listed? Please contact us and we can discuss if it's something we can help with. 

On-Board Trouble Shooting
Electric for CG Inspections
Bilge Calls
Boat Rewiring
Solar Panels
Installation of Electrical Equipment
Vessel Monitoring/Safety Systems

On-Site Testing
Switchboard Install/Replace
Security Cameras
Auto-Pilot Install/Fix


Transducer Install/Fix
Navigational Lighting
On Deck Lighting
Satellite Communications
Cellular Communications
Engine Data
Remote Monitoring


Federal/State Reporting
And so much more....


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